Sometimes a book grabs you and won’t let go. Characters take a hold of your heart and their story becomes a part of you. ‘Heartwood’ is one of those books. The story takes place in Steelhead Springs, a small town made famous in literary and lesbian circles by author Beth Walker. It goes between young Beth’s life in 1960 and the present day, when she is living as a recluse. Young Beth falls madly in love with a Hollywood star, Dawn, and starts to become the woman she needs to be. Their love affair is beautifully told but it is complicated, confusing and not without tears. In the present day she is hidden from the world in the house where she and Dawn fell in love. What is really going on? Is she really a recluse or is there more to the story? Finding out these answers had my emotions all over the place. Her chef Maggie is worried and needs to make others see there is a problem. Lawyer Nikka finds herself torn between a high powered career and doing the right thing. I loved the dynamic between those two and the heat practical jumped off the page when they were together. I loved this book, felt I knew the characters. Rarely can an author pull the reader into their world and make them want to stay there. I thoroughly recommend this book and five stars is just not enough!


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