Hot butch Shay moves to a small town where closeted newspaper editor Mel tries to stop developers running roughshod over the town by ignoring safety and by-laws. Shay takes a job with the developers as a short term measure to raise enough money to buy her own garage repair business. Shay’s attempts to stay honest and decent within the company cause her problems but as she gets to knowMel things begin to look up.
I really enjoyed this book as it dealt with issues such as developing rural areas, fear of unemployment, small town politics and the environment. By far the most important part of the story for me was the homophobia in some families and the devastation that can cause. Mel, in a time of weakness and heartache, had made a bargain to stay in the closet. How awful that someone should ever be put in such a situation by their own family! The hate from members of her own family was truly wicked. Shay was the saviour in this story . Her love for Mel was all-encompassing, intense and tender. The romance in this book was so beautifully written, so strong and extremely sexy. The love scenes were scorching and played such a vital part in showing how much they loved each other.
Mel was constantly worried about her secret coming out and this fear coupled with the menace from the town’s resident baddie really cranked up the fear factor for the main characters. C F Frizzell really knows how to write tension! A great read, a real roller coaster of emotions with a sensational love story. A well deserved 5 stars!

I was given this ARC free by Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.


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