Gethsemane Brown is an African-American musician who goes to an Irish school to teach after a job falls through. She stays in the old house of Eamon McCarthy who was a famous musician and composer and is supposed to have died in a murder- suicide with his wife Orla, an equally famous poet. Eamon’s ghost appears to her and begs her to prove that he did not kill his wife and that they were both murdered. This is a really wonderful book and an addictive reading experience. The mystery surrounding the deaths of Eamon and Orla draws Gethsemane into a well-plotted story that has so many twists and turns that you never know who to suspect next. The Irish village is so well described that I felt I knew it by the end of the book. The humour and craic of the inhabitants really add to the whole and I certainly want more of these books. Alexia Gordon leaves us wanting a sequel and I’ll be first in the queue to buy it! It would make a good tv/film adaptation so I hope to see it on the screen some day too.


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