Harper comes home after 13 years in New York for her father’s funeral and finds out he has left a lot of debt.  Her attempt to pay off these debts by trying to win the very dangerous rock climbing event, The Breaker’s Climb Tournament, is the heart of this story.  She gets to know her father’s housekeeper Celia and there is a bit of romance there, but not quite enough. This was a well written story but I just wanted more of everything and it can’t be done in such a short story.  I wanted to know more about Celia as she was quite enigmatic. I think if this was expanded into a novel, maybe telling the story of what happens next, then it could really interest me a lot more.  The romantic element was very fleeting and I like a bit more of that in a story.  The novella leads up to the climb and it was good but again short.  An enjoyable read but just lacking enough detail.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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