I really enjoyed this book and found it highly emotional and beautifully told. Casey and Jacqueline were college sweethearts who made a life together and along with their adopted son Sean, they appeared to be a happy family. Conflicts between them and Jacqueline’s drive to succeed at work pulled them apart and now eight years later they are drawn back together when Jacqueline’s father become frailer. I loved seeing how they became closer and I was willing them to become a couple again. It was obvious that neither had stopped loving the other but they couldn’t see past Jacqueline’s workaholic behaviour and her tendency to shut off. Casey had put her own needs on the back burner for so long and I wanted her to come out and say what she really wanted. Both characters were flawed in some ways and it was these flaws that kept them apart. They both had to make changes but were they willing to do it?
This story had so much depth and Erin Dutton managed to show how fragile relationships are and how they can be destroyed through careless words and stubbornness. The love scenes in the book were beautiful and emotionally charged. They were about deep love and were so vital to the story. I want to go back and re-read this book as I felt so invested in it and didn’t want it to end.
I was given this ARC free by the publishers through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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