Courting the Countess

I loved loved loved this book. I didn’t expect to get so involved in the story but I couldn’t help but fall in love with Annie and Harry. Annie goes to work at a stately home and meets the new Countess, Harry, who is a gruff, cold archaeology professor at Cambridge. Harry doesn’t make it easy for Annie but over time they become more to each other than employer and employee. The sexual tension between them is crackling and I so wanted them to find a way to be together. Both have issues from their childhoods that make it extremely difficult for them to be what the other person needs but as they try to fight it they become more and more attracted to each other. Annie was a warm, kind and caring woman who could see past the hard exterior Harry showed to the rest of the world. Along with her daughter Riley she tried to help Harry leave behind her past hurt. Although Harry seemed to be uncaring she was just a wounded soul who needed someone to truly love her. I loved how the characters developed and how right they were for each other. The love scenes were beautifully written and very sexy. I found the whole book romantic and ultimately joyful and I had a lump in my throat on more than one occasion. A wonderful book that certainly stirred my emotions, I just wish I could give it more than 5 Stars.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes in return for an honest review.

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