The Review

Having read Annette Mori’s work before I had high hopes for this latest book.  The lady does not disappoint.  The Review is a beautifully constructed romance, mystery and character study that had me hooked from page one.  Silver, a lesfic writer, holds a competition where the first person to post a review of her new book gets a home cooked dinner with her.  She knows full well it will be Jasmine, a fan who has been a great help to her as she slowly comes out of the blackness that engulfed her after the death of her wife.  I loved the tentative overtures they made to each other, how they became more to each other.  Silver’s guilt about moving on with her life was truly moving and I could understand her.  Jasmine had a complicated love life to break away from and this caused them problems too.  The lurking menace of a stalker in the background lent a real level of threat to the story and their identity kept me guessing.  The various facets of the story were woven so brilliantly and the romantic element tugged at the heart strings.  A really accomplished novel worth more than 5 stars.

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