Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon

Willa and Rae are about to start a well earned and much looked forward to Honeymoon.  Mother nature is conspiring against them though, and their flight to Venice is cancelled and any hope of another is remote.  They set off in horrendous winter conditions towards Chicago but end up off the road and in the hands of an elderly fairy godmother, who offers them a room at her idyllic Bed and Breakfast cabin.  Willa is pretty ungrateful and grumpy as she is desperate to go on the planned honeymoon.  Rae just wants to spend time with her new wife and maybe reconnect physically as that side of their relationship has been a bit sparse of late.

I enjoyed this novella and especially liked Rae.  She was sweet and vulnerable and just wanted to be with her wife.  Willa was a bit harder to like initially. I could see why she was so annoyed but still!  The story was a lovely way to spend an afternoon on the couch with a hot chocolate.  The relationship between them was strained but the epic, marathon sex scenes that I believe Meghan O’Brien is renowned for really showed that they were meant for each other.  I’ll now have to go and read some more of her work as she has me hooked.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes in return for an honest review.

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