Lands End

Lena has been looking after her sister Laura since their parents were killed in a robbery.   She is fiercely protective of her and when she gets into a bit of bother with a pro footballer Lena comes face to face with Pr guru Amy.  Hot, sexy and adorable Amy.  Even though she has kept her distance from women for a while and doesn’t get involved she finds herself drawn to Amy, even though the warning bells are going off.  

I enjoyed this story and seeing how Lena dealt with her growing attraction to Amy  and letting herself be happy.  Amy was wed to the job and had been for years.  Relationships were off limits and one-night stands the norm.  She struggled with some of the decisions she had to make at work and with her burning need for Lena.  I really liked both of the main characters and the author was skilled at letting us see their vulnerabilities.  The minor characters were vital in showing the women changing and as the way Jackie D gave us an insight into their motivations. This was a lovely romance and I plan to read some more of her work now.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes in return for an honest review.


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