Serious Potential (Bay West Social, #2)Serious Potential is the sequel to Maggie Cummings’ first novel in the Bay West series set in a lesbian development in Staten Island.  Having loved the first book I had high hopes for this one.  I was not disappointed.  It was great to meet old friends again and find out how life was treating them.  The community of ladies is amazing and full of so many different types of women.  Meg was still on the lookout for ‘the one’ and thought she’d found it with seemingly-straight Sasha.  Their story was really interesting and I felt every sob and heartache with them.  I really liked new character Tracey, a  golfer, all-round sportswoman and great friend to Meg and her friends.  She really added to the dynamic of the group and her interesting love life showed that not everyone feels able to be open about who they are.  Sometimes it’s not worth hanging in there and pretending if the other person is never going to get to the same point. I found myself totally immersed in all of their stories and the connections between them all.  Jesse and Lexi were a huge part of book one and I enjoyed finding out how their relationship developed – and how their respective families dealt with it.  I am now desperate for book three!
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes books in return for an honest review.


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