Ki is at catering college and has the chance to win a scholarship to Italy at the end of her course.  She is one of three in the race and hopes to impress her new teacher.  The new teacher turns out to be extremely attractive Taryn and Ki just can’t keep her mind on her work when she is around.  It’s the old story of student and teacher having the hots for each other but the way Kris Bryant has written this story will have you willing on the pair.  It is a beautiful story of unrequited passion that leads to a romantic, sexy and emotionally uplifting relationship.  I was hooked from the moment Taryn walked in the door!  Both main characters made me want to know them.  They were so meant for each other but their relationship held a lot of risks. Taryn had the worry she may lose her job and Ki wanted to win the contest fair and square without anyone thinking Taryn was showing her favouritism.  Scott was a thoroughly nasty piece of work and we all know an immature, entitled man-child like that.  The collection of characters around Ki and Taryn really enriched the novel.  This was a lovely read and you can’t fail to fall in love with these wonderful ladies.
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.


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