I have been thinking of going vegan or vegetarian for some time and this book has given me some good advice on how to go about it.  Trying to work out how to incorporate such a change into family life can be daunting but Kristy Turner says we should let  the family experience how delicious it can be.  Her recipes are so tasty looking on the page and certainly do-able. She gives good advice about the ingredients needed to start and this was a very useful part of the book for me as I’m not familiar with some of them.  This book makes it all seem so easy though and I want to give so many of the recipes a try.  There are some beautiful photos of the finished dishes and they made my mouth water. I think once I’ve done some shopping for the ingredients that are new to me, I really want to have a go.This book is full of yummy, scrumptious recipes and recipes for all occasions and for different  ages in the family. I can’t wait to try some of them.  I especially like the look of tempeh sloppy joe sliders,shiitake stroganoff and sweet potato shepherd’s pie

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and The Experiment publishers in return for an honest review.

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