Cross Purposes

When Lana saves Michelle from being swept into a river she cannot imagine the changes that one act will bring to her life.  She has been mourning the death of her wife and has just been going through the motions, with the tentative friendship of local Mountie, Emily, her only real link with other people.  Michelle is young, vibrant and full of life and awakens Lana from her despair.  She takes them on an amazing adventure to find lost Acadian treasure and in doing so lets Lana see that life goes on.  I really liked Lana and found her to be more and more interesting as the book wore on.  She was not the quiet, introspective woman I thought she was and although I found Michelle intensely irritating, she was instrumental in bringing Lana back to the world.  I loved Lana’s passion and willingness to take a chance.  I think my favourite character was Emily though, as she had a vulnerability that was so endearing and attractive.  She may be the tough law enforcement officer but her love for Lana was so beautiful and tender.  I wanted her to get the gal!  The hunt for the lost treasure was exciting and full of surprises and the history behind it was fascinating.  I felt I learned something in the process of reading the novel.  This was a great mystery/adventure as well as a wonderfully steamy love story.  I thoroughly recommend it and give it a well deserved 5 stars.
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Stroke Books in return for an honest review.

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