Love on Call

This is the third book in The Rivers Community Series, set in the community hospital and staffed by an amazing group of women I’ve grown to love. Radclyffe has written another winner and I can see this series running and running.  Although the old favourites are there and we get to find out how life is treating them, this story centres around Mari, a new PA and Glenn, ex-army medic and ER doc.  Mari has some secrets that she is very reluctant to share with anyone, but when she meets Glenn she is overwhelmed by the enormous attraction between them and has to change her mind about a lot of things.  Glenn is troubled by her past in the army and keeps herself at a safe distance from most people.  She is friendly with the Rivers girls and Carrie but doesn’t even open up to them too much.  Both of them  have reasons for not getting involved but the sexual tension between them is so powerful that you just know they are never going to be able to fight it.  Mari was a lovely character and I enjoyed finding out more about her. I was surprised more than once at the issues she was dealing with.  Glenn was exactly what she needed.  She was strong, loyal, passionate and she needed Mari just as much as Mari needed her.  The sex scenes were so well written and hit the spot every time.  No-one knows how to tease it out quite like Radclyffe!  


This book just got me from page one and had my emotions in a tizzy.  You can’t help but care about these characters, all of them. So much was going on in the background around the lives of the Rivers girls and their partners and families that I can’t wait for the next instalment.  I hope it’s in the works already!
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes in return for an honest review.


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