I absolutely adored this book and can’t recommend it highly enough.  Ashleigh is a rookie paramedic in Toronto and meets the rather tetchy and ascerbic cop, Kristen, who is really an undercover RCMP investigating the death of a cop the previous year.  Some believe that two paramedics killed the cop. The relationship between the paramedics and cops has broken down to such an extent that all trust has gone between them and the cops won’t even let the medics treat them.   Ashleigh and Kristen are new to their jobs in Toronto and manage to overcome the animosity and become friends.  Both want different things romantically and it seems at first they won’t be able to get past that.  Ashleigh wants a Princess Charming but Kristen sticks to one night stands and has secrets from her past that keep her stuck in that mindset.

The investigation into the cop killing is slow-paced, with more and more revelations that kept me interested.  It is teased out perfectly with a level of threat simmering under the surface. Kristen hasn’t told anyone but her brother what she is really in Toronto for and it made her developing relationship with Ashleigh more and more risky.  Was she putting her at risk? Would it ruin everything with Ashleigh?  Together they were so right and their story was so heart-wrenchingly romantic and sexy.  This was a beautiful love story that at times made me so happy and totally invested in their relationship.  Kristen at first seemed a tough cookie but there was so much more to her and I wanted her to just let go and allow Ashleigh in.  Ashleigh knew what she wanted all along as she had been hurt in the past and had no intention of letting it happen again.  She could see the good in Kristen and was a fighter in her own way.  An excellent novel.


I was given this ARC free by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.



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