The Witches of New York

I enjoyed this witchy tale of fascinating women who live in a time where women are forced to keep many secrets.  Beatrice is a young woman in the 1880s who travels to New York to work in a tea shop but the shop is not all it seems.  When women had no access to reproductive health care of any sort, they visited Eleanor and Adelaide for help.  Their services wandered into the realms of the paranormal and it was for this reason that Beatrice became their assistant.  She felt drawn to witchcraft and they knew just how to educate her.  The story of how Beatrice develops her talents and the danger they are all under from religious zealots was fascinating and scary.  I also loved the historical aspect of the book and the insight into women’s lives in 19th century New York.  Ami McKay managed to pull me right into the story by writing about women from all levels of society.  Whatever strata of life they came from women had few rights and were used and abused by men.  I felt our three heroines gave them some control.  A enthralling read that has convinced me to seek out more from this author.
I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Orion Books in return for an honest review.


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