Conquest: Kai's Story

This is the first in ‘The Four Horsemen Series’ by Kaden Shay and it’s a great start. Kai is a General and part of the Regens group who have survived the radiation that killed off a huge swathe of the human population over 200 years ago. They have mutated to different degrees. She is a level four and is long lived, strong and heals easily. She is one of four Generals, all female. They are in constant conflict with the Purists, who proved to be immune to the radiation but remain ‘normal’ humans. Skirmishes between the groups result in a few women and children arriving in Kai’s compound and the introduction into her life of Hayley. The story of their growing relationship is sweet and tender and a strong emotional tie is forged between them. This becomes important to the whole book as the tensions between the generals and between the Regens and Purists really intensify. I really loved this book and found myself totally immersed in the world Kaden Shay has imagined. It is very well written and engaging and I can’t wait for the next one in the series. A well deserved 5 stars.

I was given this ARC free by Supposed Crimes Publishers in return for an honest review.

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