Pathogen (A Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery, #2)

I read the first book in the Dr Kate/Sgt Andy series last year and gave it 5 stars. I have no hesitation in doing the same with ’Pathogen’. Kate and Andy were brought together in horrible circumstances in the last novel and are now in a relationship. Although everything seems to be going well there is an undercurrent and they will have to deal with it before they can really move forward. When Andy is called to look into a flu-like illness in an exclusive town near Whistler she is confused as to why the RCMP would be involved. Politics rears its ugly head and she soon finds out why she has been requested there. As more cases of the illness appear at the local hospital Kate is called in as a consultant and they work together on the escalating problem. I found the actual mystery they had to deal with fascinating as it was well researched and the medical issues meticulously laid out for the reader. The two main characters are wonderful but flawed. Andy is tough, serious and madly protective of Kate. Kate is a brilliant Dr, highly intelligent and loves Andy, but she still has issues from her past to deal with. Until she does she can never really move on. I liked seeing tech-guy Jack back as he is a great friend to both of them and beings in a level of geeky excitement. One character who really made an impact was Dr Keller. She was truly evil and one of the most unlikeably brilliant characters I have read. She made my skin crawl. This is a great read and I am now counting the days until the next in the series.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.


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