TJ/Teal has to flee Washington after her affair with a female Senator becomes public knowledge. August finds out her lover and business partner has been doing the dirty on her in both spheres of their lives. She has to go into hiding for her own safety and goes to the ranch she has inherited and hopes that she can stay out of danger. She comes across a stranded Teal in the desert and ends up taking her back to the ranch and in doing so helps her hide from the press. The story is one of real tension and danger and involves all of those around August. D Jackson Leigh really manages to get across the fear August was feeling and her strength of character. She was taking a huge risk in order to do the right thing and felt guilty that Teal and all of the men on the ranch were caught in the crossfire. The growing love story between August and Teal was extremely hot and steamy and full of passion. I could really believe in them as a couple but they had enormous obstacles to overcome before they could ever hope to have a life together. The criminal gang intent on shutting August up for good are more dangerous than they could imagine and I found this storyline fascinating.
An enjoyable read with plenty of excitement.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Bold Strokes books in return for an honest review.

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