The Lavender List

Amelia has the hots for Laura, the girl next door in her female-only rooming house. Laura was in the resistance in France during the war and now she’s obviously involved in something secret, but what? As the tale unfolds we find out exactly what Laura does in the post-war era but what is the connection to Amelia? As the pair become embroiled in some dangerous escapades their feelings become apparent. In 1946 a girl has to be very careful to keep her ‘proclivities ‘ under wraps. Their relationship is intense and passionate and whatever they do, it’s not going away. I enjoyed this part of the story as it was romantic and sexy and the author left us in no doubt this was the most important love of their lives. The mystery they were part of was fascinating, thrilling and perilous. The style of writing is an interesting choice. It is in the present tense and for me that doesn’t always work, but in this case it certainly does. It takes us to the the 1940s, to a time of dames and guys with homberg hats. It is funny and irreverent and littered with sarcastic quips. I loved it. I highly recommend ‘The Lavender List’.

I was given this ARC free by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review


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