Over There


I really enjoyed this beautifully told story of Ruth Carroway and her life during World War 2.  When her brother and the other men of the town go off to war after Pearl Harbor, the women are left to get on with life and for some it became a lot more fulfilling.  Ruth becomes friends with a newlywed young woman, at the insistence of her mother who sees it as a way of helping the war effort. Their relationship becomes a lot more than friendship, but will it be what Ruth needs?  The chance to do more as a Red Cross Nurse becomes available and Ruth goes off to London and to a whole new world.  This story is about a young woman becoming the person she needs to be, of finding like-minded people and of ultimately finding love.  Strangely war made it easier for Ruth to find love.  Rachel Windsor has the knack of pulling the reader into her imagination and I found the story immersive and emotional.  The sights and sounds of wartime London were so well described and I felt as if I was there.  A lovely read and thoroughly recommended.

I was given this ARC free by Netgalley and Sapphire Books Publishing in return for an honest review.

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