‘Pausing’ started off as a girl meets girl but I wasn’t prepared for just how much I would be drawn into this powerful, emotional and frankly hot as hell story. Jordy works at a mental health facility and is trying to deal with an unstable ex-girlfriend when she meets Keira. There is no doubting the attraction between them and both are keen to take a chance. Some extremely serious issues threaten to get in the way though and it is how they deal with them that really had me hooked. Jordy was a strong and caring woman and I loved how she was there for everyone. Keira has been through a lot and being with Jordy was exactly what she needed. Their relationship was beautifully romantic and off the scale in the bedroom. I was really blown away by this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. Renee Mackenzie is a writer I look forward to reading more of.

I was given this ARC by Affinity ebooks Press in return for an honest review.

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