Lavender Dreams


‘Lavender Dreams’ is a really immersive, feel-good story that dealt with some issues that lesbians of all ages have to face.  It is multi-generational and I found that to be the main strength of the book.  Diana Sue Wellspring has managed to weave the lives of very different women who pull together when it really counts.  Sarah is a nurse in need of a break from the stress of her life so moves to the tranquillity of an island off Seattle to look after an elderly lady. Grace and her companion Marie live in a huge house that used to be a B&B but they are too old now to keep the business going.  As Sarah gets to know them and their friends she finds a different type of life, a better life.  Meeting an amazing woman doesn’t hurt either! This book is sweet, loving and has a family feel to it.  I adored it.
I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Sapphire Books Publishing in return for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Review of ‘Lavender Dreams’ by Diana Sue Wellspring

  1. I just finished the book, I very much enjoyed it. was wondering if there is a FB page or email for the author? I couldn’t find one.


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