Soul Survivor


The story of Joey, investigative reporter suffering from PTSD and Sam, female Vicar in a quaint English village is an engaging read and one I can highly recommend.  Both main characters are well developed and likeable mature women with busy professional lives but lack that special someone we all hope to find.  When they meet it just seems right.  They don’t have it easy as Joey’s PTSD is serious and impacts all aspects of her life.  Sam is just a wonderful woman though and the very person any of us would want on our side in a crisis.  She is thinly stretched at work and her personal life has always taken a back seat.  I so wanted her to have a life of her own, to make it work with Joey.  I loved the English village setting and the minor characters that made it all come alive.  After finishing the book all I could think was ‘What happens next?’.  I enjoyed it so much I want a sequel!


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Bold Strokes books in return for an honest review.


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