‘The Organization’ comprises a group of women intent on punishing some of the evil doers in this world.  By going after sex traffickers and mobsters they try to save some of the young girls whose lives have been ruined.  Val goes undercover as the bodyguard of a Russian mob boss but finds herself attracted to his wife Gina.  Will this affect her mission?  Seemingly tough as nails and relationship-phobic this is the last thing her compatriots expected to happen.  

The story is full of tension and intrigue and is one of those books you just don’t want to put down till the end.  And you don’t want it to end either! Mobster Leonid is an evil, repulsive character and I so wanted him to get what he deserved.  There are some light-hearted moments throughout and rather touching and beautifully romantic encounters. A really fantastic read – but what else can you expect from the inspired pairing of Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly?


I was given this ARC by Affinity ebooks Press in return for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Review of ‘The Organization’ by Annette Mori and Erin O’Reilly

  1. I would love to get your books but I can’t seem to get them l use iBooks the most please let me know how to I can’t review the books and they all seem to be the kind I would enjoy


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