Loving Blue in Red States: Salt Lake City Utah


Anne Hagan has written another thought-provoking short story in her latest series.  When Amanda plucks up the courage to walk into a gay-owned coffee shop she changes her life in more ways than one.  Working for an ultra-conservative Mormon bank she has to keep her private life very private.  Will she be able to keep doing that?  Rebecca, the barista in said coffee shop awakens something in Amanda, but she has troubles of her own.  Will they get past these problems?  I enjoyed the setting of the story and the main characters.  Amanda had a strength that came to the fore at just the right time and Rebecca was already standing up for herself in the face of prejudice.  I am really enjoying the whole series as the author has managed to point out that things are getting better but there are still women who need our support.  Especially in these scary political times.


I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.


One thought on “Review of ‘Loving Blue in Red States: Salt Lake City Utah’ by Anne Hagan

  1. Thank you very much for your review. I’ve had a great time writing this series. I’m done for 2017 but it will be back.

    As far as this story goes, several years ago, I was a recruiter for an agency that recruited IT folks for a major banking chain with branches all over the U.S. including many in Utah. I’ve wanted to use Utah in a story ever since. The ‘coffee’ factor in this story stems from the memory of a conversation I had with a Mormon woman many years ago when we were both at school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I was off in search of a morning cup of tea. I made the mistake of asking her if she wanted one. Tea is treated the same as coffee and certainly other hot beverages by Mormons. I knew nothing about observant, practicing Mormons then but I learned at least that lesson that day and it’s always stuck with me.


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