Finding Fire by Shelia Powell

I loved the collection of characters in this great story.  Sheila Powell and Liz McMullen have imagined a world of good and evil but the lines become blurred between those realms and you never quite know where they are going to go with it next.  Tia runs a home for supernatural foster kids and when her own daughter, Magnolia, is kidnapped she needs help from them all.  Her sister Scarlett arrives to aid them and the interaction between the two sisters is one of the most interesting elements of the book.  Scarlett straddles both worlds and Tia struggles with that.  The authors have managed to make all of the various characters fascinating and I got more and more hooked as it went on.  I liked Lilith as she was angry and surly but there was much more to it.  Her love for Kayla was her redeeming quality. Magnolia was just wonderful and oh so funny.  She really lightened the mood when all around her was chaos and evil deeds!  A really enjoyable read.


I was given this ARC by Netgalley and Sapphire Books in return for an honest review.


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