Unchained Memories

This was more than just a love story; it was  about seeing what is important in life and finding closure and happiness. I adored it!

Hot shot investigative reporter Jillian becomes JJ and moves with her niece Abby to Oklahoma. She needs to find out if Abby’s real father Blake is a suitable parent after her sister dies and leaves her look after the teenager. She is also looking into the group house that Blake runs as she has a special interest in it. Her first love Amelia happens to still be around but does not recognise the disguised JJ. 

The interaction between JJ and Amelia was emotionally intense, hot and unpredictable. But there are so many secrets – can it ever work out? I loved Jillian. She was an impressive mix of caring and vulnerability that gripped at my heart. I wanted her to have a happy ending so badly. Amelia was strong, capable and feisty and the perfect match for JJ. The path to true love certainly didn’t run smooth but it was a wonderful journey. Dena Blake managed to weave all of this with such tension when an unwelcome visitor from Jillian’s life in New York puts a spanner in the works. The book had me hooked from the start and I highly recommend it.

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