‘Say You Won’t Go’ by JM Dragon and Erin O’Reilly is a book that really pulled me in.  It is an emotional story, full of intense passion and two main characters that I adored from the start. Logan is passing through town when her truck breaks down, meaning she has to stay put for a lot longer than she planned. Shy waitress Taryn is drawn to her immediately and from that moment they are inseparable. Taryn has a tough life with an uncaring mother who is widely known as the town slut. Logan brings out things in Taryn that were long submerged and I loved seeing how she changed. Logan was like a knight in shining armour and completely wonderful.  Sometimes we need someone to give us the courage to be who we can be and Logan was that person. Taryn’s mother Brenda was a horror and so well written.  I found myself enjoying the story more and more as it went on and was reluctant to put it down until I got to the very end. Having read the ‘Heaven Meets Hell’ series by these authors I was not surprised that they had penned another winner. I highly recommend ‘Say You Won’t Go’.


I was given this ARC by Affinity ebooks in return for an honest review.

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