Who'd Have Thought by [Benson, G]

It’s when reading a book like this I feel sorry for people who don’t read Lesfic or f/f books as they are missing out on some really wonderful and well written books. G Benson has excelled herself in ‘Who’d Have Thought’ and created two main characters that I adore. Hayden is a financially-strapped nurse who agrees to marry a top neurosurgeon in return for $200,000. Said Surgeon, Samantha Thomson is rude, cold and lacking in basic people skills. How will Hayden manage to pretend to be in love with Sam and convince her friends and colleagues that this is a legitimate marriage -for a whole year?

I fell for Sam very early in the book and didn’t care how socially awkward she was.  There was something vulnerable about her and although she didn’t always manage to show how she was feeling in a conventional way, to me she was completely adorable. Hayden’s situation became more apparent as the story progressed and I appreciated the depth to her character – she was much more than she appeared. The author has succeeded in writing want and passion in a way I’ve rarely come across. I felt every intake of breath, every moan and shiver. She also included pansexual and  non-binary characters in a sensitive and well thought out way.  The story deals with some difficult issue including appalling homophobia and family illness and it was at these times G Benson showed just how skilled a writer she really is.   Utterly brilliant!


I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

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