KD Williamson has managed to write a thought-provoking story that went places I didn’t expect and made me question certain behaviours. Shawn was at a low point in her life after breaking up with her cheating ex and moving in with her old college friend Veda. With her help she gets a much needed job in a sex emporium and starts getting on with life. But how she does it doesn’t go in a straight line. She is so down and needs to feel good again, using sex as a way to get there. The sex was hot and varied and very well written. There  was much about Shawn’s actions that I found very unappealing but it was such an integral part of the story. There was also a lot of humour, mostly from Shawn’s work in Stump’s sex shop. This added a welcome lightness at times and showed variety and depth.

I recommend this book as it wasn’t an easy read. People change and sometimes we really hate their behaviour but that doesn’t mean we give up on them. I left this book feeling that the journey was worth it . I ran through a gamet of emotions and realised I want more. I hope we hear more of Shawn in the future .

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.


One thought on “Review of ‘Pink’ by KD Williamson

  1. Great review Kitty. Amelia Faith wrote one too that’s quite interesting. I’m going to have to give this one a read and get my author jealously engine all fired up!


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