Last night I had the pleasure of attending the book launch for Wendy Hudson’s latest novel from Ylva Publishing, ‘Mine To Keep’. The party was held at ‘The Curler’s Rest’ on Byres Road, Glasgow and gave fans of Wendy’s books a chance to meet her and chat about ‘Mine to Keep’ and her previous novel ‘The Four Steps’. She made everyone very welcome and signed numerous copies of both books, while taking time to talk with each reader.


‘Mine to Keep’ is the story of maths teacher Erin who  books into a Scottish Castle hotel with a plan to research her difficult past, setting off a chain of events that lead to a tense, thrilling and frankly heart-stopping story that had me breathless. There is also a sweet and romantic relationship with hotel chef Abby and a further mystery that I won’t spoil. I loved it and had no hesitation giving it a 5 Star Review. It is getting rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as is her first published novel ‘Four Steps’ which won a GCLS award this year.


Wendy’s mum and her girlfriend Lynsey were on hand to help and enjoyed chatting to those in attendance.




Mine to Keep by Wendy Hudson

Four Steps by Wendy Hudson

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