Jayden Harris is probably the best female mountain climber in the world but an avalanche at Mount Everest changes her life personally and professionally and she decides she can’t be part of that world anymore. Rhian Phillips is an advertising executive charged with producing a reality TV show to help sell adventure clothing. She has issues of her own preventing her from living the life she should. When the two women are brought together the pull between them is strong and intense, although neither will admit it.

Andrea Bramhall has written a wonderful love story that takes place in a stunning landscape. Her beautifully descriptive writing took me right there and made me want more. The attraction between Jayden and Rhian was emotional, tear-jerking at times and very sexy. I loved both main characters. Jayden was wounded and suffering after the Everest disaster and I felt for her and hoped that she would find her happy every after. Rhian found it hard to believe in herself and needed to see that she was an person worth of love and adoration. There was a fair amount of tension in the story as we followed the escapades of the contestants on the reality show.  And a boo-hiss character that I can guarantee you will hate. It was an addictive story and one I was reluctant to put down. I hope Andrea Bramhall has a sequel in the offing!

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

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