A wonderful story that captured my heart! Australian journalist Maddie is sad and lonely in New York but her life becomes a lot more interesting when Elena, business mogul with a fearsome reputation, enters it. While she decides whether to shut down the newspaper Maddie works for she installs herself in an office within sight of the young woman. Their interactions are full of banter and give an insight into a side of Elena she hides from the world. Maddie is open and friendly and seeing Elena respond to her is wonderful. Lee Winter has written the perfect ice queen in Elena and let’s us see the tiniest chink in her armour. We begin to see the woman that Maddie sees and we fall in love with her too. Maddie has a way with people that leads to them opening up to her. Changes in her professional life come about because of this skill.

The story is beautifully paced with tear-jerking romance and exceptionally well written love scenes that leave the reader feeling joyful and thoroughly satisfied.

An adorable book.

I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.


The Brutal Truth – Amazon US

The Brutal Truth – Amazon UK

The Brutal Truth – Ylva Publishing



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