I loved this book. Having just read ‘Little Dip’ which told the story of how it all began for Marie and Connie and the Garoul Series, I was desperate to get the whole set. ‘Goldenseal’ is the story of Amy and Leone and lets the reader see the world of the Garouls from the point of view of someone completely in the dark about it all. Amy may have spent a lot of her childhood on the compound with her aunt Connie but that doesn’t mean she is party to all of their secrets. When she comes back to help with the almanac the family Publishing company puts out every year, she begins to notice things and ask questions. The mystery behind it all was fascinating and at times a bit scary. The whole atmosphere of secrecy was oppressive and added to the menacing feeling. It was also sexy and romantic and caring. The relationship between Amy and Leone was fraught with problems but I couldn’t help rooting for them. I’m now off to read the next in the series as I am well and truly hooked.

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