The Garoul Series just gets better and better. In ‘Ambereye’ Jolie Garoul is a nightmare boss, with definite ideas about her work life that no-one has been able to shift. That is until she gets a new PA, Hope, friend of her brother and the sunshine in the office. Hope is newly returned to work after a life-threatening Illness and has no intention of become involved with anyone. Jolie has never shown the slightest interest in anyone romantically but Hope’s presence is causing strange physical reactions in her. When they go to the family compound in Little Dip unusual happenings and strange comments begin to make Hope wonder what is going on. I loved this story. Wondering when Hope was going to twig that they were werewolves kept me reading on and on. Jolie was so vulnerable, sweet and at times sad. The family feeling was warm and safe and welcoming and I wanted Hope to be part of it. The sex scenes were hot and passionate and edgy. But it was the obvious love and loyalty that really got to me. Another wonderful Garoul story.


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