Jenny Frame really knows how to write the perfect butch. In ‘Charming the Vicar’ she has written 3 very different butches- all of them completely adorable. Finnian Kane is an illusionist grieving over the death of her sister and has moved to Axedale to keep out of the public eye. She is a beautiful boyish butch, an atheist and wants nothing to do with local vicar Bridge’s offer of help.  But Bridge is stunningly gorgeous, high femme and with something a wee bit unusual lurking beneath the surface. Can Finn keep away? Can Bridge keep her feelings under control when the alternative could lose her all she has worked so hard for?

The sexual chemistry between them is unbelievably hot. It is sexy, lustful and with more than a hint of kink. Bridge has an overpowering effect on Finn as her long-hidden sexuality comes to the fore. The scenes between them are highly erotic – and not just the sex scenes. The tension is ramped up so well that I felt the characters would explode if they did not get relief!

There is also an emotional intensity to their story that is quite breath-taking and endearing. Bridge is a Church of England Vicar and is expected to remain celibate or she faces losing her job, her home and her place in the village. Finn is so vulnerable and her past has made her reluctant to trust. How they deal with these issues as their feelings grow is very well written. I loved the other characters around them and remembered them well from ‘Courting the Countess’. Harry is one of the other butches I mentioned and is very in control – or so she thinks. Her new wife Annie is the real power behind that particular throne. Their friend Quade is a rugged butch farmer and I so want to find out more about her – and I think we will. She is an adorable character who deserves happiness and love. An excellent book set in the most wonderful village – a place I hope to return to very soon!

I was given this ARC by Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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