As a huge fan of the Garoul Series I couldn’t wait to get started on this volume. We are back in Little Dip and with the family of werewolves, headed by Alpha ,Marie Garoul. Luc Garoul is on the run after causing havoc in Canada and in Little Dip. Her twin sister Ren is desperate to find her and help Marie treat the serious illness she is obviously suffering from. Someone else is hunting her down too and the repercussions could be dire. Emily wants to prove the existence of werewolves and make the Garouls pay for what she believes they have done to her family.

The story was most unexpected and fascinating. Luc and Emily get off to a very unusual start and how this develops was very inventive and complex. I loved that the rest of the Garouls were involved but getting to know Luc and Emily was the best part of the story. I have now read every book in this series and I implore Gill McKnight to hurry up and bring out the next one. I can hardly wait!

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