Sally and Harriet were teenage sweethearts but things did not end well for them. When they meet up unexpectedly in their 30s the old feelings are still there. Can they forget the past? Living in cities hundreds of miles apart with established businesses further complicates things. The romance is sweet and sexy, with some very hot scenes that will have you reaching for a fan to cool down! I wanted it all to work out for them as they were meant for each other. Sally had a hard time getting past the hurt from their past relationship and I could see why she was reluctant. Harriet was determined and persistent. Once again Clare Lydon has me grinning from ear to ear and feeling that all is right with the world. She has that rare gift of being able to draw the reader in from the start.   The writing is full of humour – it’s gentle but irreverent and Aunt Paula is hilarious. A wonderful story that left me happy – something I have come to expect from Clare Lydon’s books.

I enjoyed listening to the story come to life with the narration of TJ Richards. She hits just the right tone. I loved the story when I read the actual book a few months ago and this is a lovely addition. Being able to listen to a favourite story in the car or while out for a walk is one of life’s pleasures. And when you find the narrator’s voice fits the story then that makes it all the better.

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