I love the start of a great new series. ‘Kai’s Heart’ by Renee Mackenzie is the first in the Karst Series and published by Affinity EBook Press. Kai Brodie is the daughter of a famous resistance general and ends up in a prison run by the Anointed. She is stunned at her unexpected attraction to one of the guards but can’t deny it. This dystopian adventure is set in an America of the future, where religious bigotry has led to zealots perverting faith as a means of controlling those who disagree with them. It has very interesting parallels for today’s America.

I found the world Renee Mackenzie imagined fascinating and look forward to finding out much more in the rest of the series she has planned. The relationship between Kai and Rachel is complex and has depth. Their interactions with the others involved in fighting for peace felt real. I like where it’s going and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review .

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