Very impressive! This is the story of Anna, newbie at the Metropolitan Ballet in New York, unsure  of herself and feeling she can never be as good as the women around her. Victoria artistic director and former star, sees something in Anna and despite herself begins to fall for the young dancer. Victoria comes across as cold and unfeeling but underneath you just know she is desperately in need of the love of a good woman. Will Anna be the one to crack open that cold persona and allow love in?

Lola Keeley’s writing style is immersive and pulled me right into the ballet world. I know nothing about ballet but by the end of the book I wanted to know more. She teases the reader, slowly bringing us into the lives of the dancers; let’s us see how they interact with each, how they think and how they feel. It’s all very subtle and not at all rushed. There are moments of high emotion and heat but the changes in Victoria and Anna as people struck me most. This is one novel I will be reading again and again. Excellent.

I was given this ARC in return for an honest review.

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