‘London Calling’ is a funny, romantic, sexy book and is perfect as an audio book. The London setting is so vividly written and the characters feel like people I know. Jess is one of those women for whom things are destined to go exactly the way she doesn’t want them to. Humour and mishaps are the order of the day for her as she tries to get on with her life after a painful break up. When she is blown away by gorgeous optician Lucy she tries so hard to make it work. Exes coming out of the woodwork threaten to scupper all that. I love the whole cast of characters as they add to the feeling of family – be they blood relations or great friends. The narration by Emily Bennett works really well. I can’t imagine anyone else capturing the tone of the book with such skill. Clare Lydon excels here and I’m desperate to listen to the next in the London series.

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