Avery Crown, darling of the reality TV scene comes back to her high school reunion. She knows she may bump into the girl who stole her heart 15 years ago. Merrit has never really gotten over her unrequited love for Avery and it has marred every attempt at a relationship since. Avery loved Merrit too  but can’t risk her career if anyone finds out. How can it ever work for them?

I’ve never felt such a connection between two characters. It was powerful and emotional and the feelings were so real. Merrit has such a vulnerability that was fragile . The desire and wanting of so many years had built up into such an intensity that I was overwhelmed with the emotion.  I couldn’t bear for it not to work out. I can’t imagine anyone reading this without a tear in their eye.

The writing style was fast-paced and immediate and left me in no doubt just how important Avery and Merrit were to each other. I loved it so much and I can honestly say it’s my favourite book so far this year. I just wish I could give it more than 5 Stars!

I was provided with a copy from Netgalley and Forever Yours Publishing.

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