‘Frozen Dreams’ by Liz McMullen is a beautifully told tale of magic, friendship and love that tugged at my heartstrings from the start. My favourite character, Azure, has had her true path in life robbed from her and her faerie godmother of sorts, Ezra-Elle is determined to get it back for her. Azure has lived a solitary life and is afraid her powers will hurt those she loves. When she is pushed towards Charlie she begins to question what she really wants. In this story one is never sure of people’s motivations. Are they on the level or playing a game? As they are operating in a world of magic, some white and some purely evil it should be easy to tell but it is not at all. Ms McMullen has woven a tale full of surprises and subterfuge and I was fooled more than once. Her characterisation is top-notch and made the women come to life in a very impressive way. I felt every emotion with them – the heartache and despair as well as intense love and passion. She made me feel I know these women. This is one series I would love to see filmed as the characters are so vivid and alive. A great read.

I was given this ARC to review.

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