You know that feeling when you feel as if you totally belong? Well that’s what Ellcon has done for so many people these past few days. As authors and readers headed for Bristol, nervous and exited, little could they know just how successful the event would turn out to be. From the pre- conference get-together at the Wills Memorial Tower, where many were challenged by the 200 steps to the top, to the reluctant good-byes on  Friday afternoon, smiling faces were everywhere. Familiar Facebook faces soon became firm friends. Laughter and hugs were the order of the day as we bonded with like-minded souls. The panels were thought-provoking and often hilarious. But it was the time spent chatting over the vendor tables and at night over dinner and drinks that brought us all together. We recognised kindred spirits and there’s no feeling in the world to beat that. We’ll all be counting the days till we meet again for  Ellcon 2 and more of the same.








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