I am delighted to announce the release of my latest book ‘Kilbirnie Scotland: The Night Dusty Played’ – the latest in the Loving Blue in Red States series. As many of you will know Anne Hagan started this series in 2017 with ‘Sweetwater Texas’ and has continued with another six books. When she asked if I would like to write a story as part of this series, I jumped at the chance. It was an amazing opportunity to work with one of my favourite authors – and a great friend too.

I have written a story set in Scotland in 1964, where women loving other women was more definitely frowned upon.

It’s 1964 and Patty’s life revolves around Saturday nights and the big-name acts that come to play in her small Scottish town. Anything to keep her mind off her day job working in the local mill making fishing nets. She’s yet to find love, however hard she tries to find the local fellas attractive. Meeting a woman at one of the concerts makes her realise she’s been looking in all the wrong places.

Frankie’s a bit of a tomboy and works hard by day and follows her local football team at the weekends. Sometimes she finds time for the gigs in nearby Kilbirnie, especially when the chart-topping bands are due to play. Her mother assures her she’ll find ‘the one’ and settle down – but Frankie knows that won’t happen – and why. Until one night she meets a woman who takes her breath away.

Will they be able to be together in a society where the rules are supposed to be obeyed – and loving a woman – a Protestant one at that – means breaking them all?

I hope you will enjoy reading about Patty and Frankie and the trip back in time.

Available to buy here – or read on Kindle Unlimited



One thought on “My new book is out now. ‘Kilbirnie Scotland: The Night Dusty Played’

  1. Kitty has written a truly great short story here that’s a throwback in time to an area she’s intimately familiar with. It was a pleasure to include it in the ‘Loving Blue’ series of stories. I hope you’ll read it, because I think you’ll enjoy it.

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