‘The Duchess and the Dreamer’ by Jenny Frame is a lovely read. The story revolves around what happens when an optimistic dreamer meets an impoverished duchess and tries to make her see the positive side of life again. Evan Fox is bouncy and happy and sees great possibilities everywhere she goes. When she moves to a small English village with hopes of transforming it into an eco-friendly haven for LGBT people and anyone who shares her goals, she just has to get the local aristocracy on side. Clementine, Duchess of Rosebrook, now living in the gatehouse at the end of Evan’s drive, is not going to be a pushover. 

I took to Evan straight away. Her infectious enthusiasm was endearing and seeing her feelings for Clem grow was sweet. I loved what she was trying to do for the village. It was admirable. Clem may have come across as a bit of an ice queen, but once we got to know her life story, it was entirely understandable. The community spirit aspect was very appealing too. I liked getting to know the villagers and those in Evan’s company trying to make a difference. I enjoyed it.

I was given this ARC for review.

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