Renowned roboticist Alexandra Turing wakes up from a six month coma . She seems to have lost memories, but there’s more. Something doesn’t feel right. She just can’t pinpoint what. With the help of her best friend Fal, she tries to reawaken those memories and relearn old skills she seems to have forgotten. Meeting veterinarian Emily gives her something other than work and her own situation to think about. And the more she gets to know Emily the more she likes. But still, little things niggle at her, just under the surface. Should she keep pushing? Will she like what she discovers?

‘Remember Me, Synthetica’ is an impressively plotted novel. The story pulls the reader increasingly into an understanding and affection for Alex. I loved her. She had a beautiful spirit, a kindness and a willingness to learn. The old Alexandra was cold and aloof -Alex wanted to be a better person. As the novel is written in first person from Alex’s point of view we are able to go on the journey with her and discover what is going on as she does. Her relationship with Emily brought out a new side to her. It was endearing, but also very funny at times. Emily was the kind of person we all hope to meet some day. Her acceptance and love for Alex was special. But it was the mystery behind it all that really gripped me. It was brilliantly written. I couldn’t put it down.

This story is everything any fan of the sci-fi genre could wish for. Intelligent, thoughtful and one hell of a ride. I loved it. Highly recommended.

I was given this ARC for review.

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