Olivia is a centuries-old vampire living in Toronto. After years of persecution and worse, she prefers a quiet life with her pet parrot, Harvey, but when he becomes ill, she has to seek out the help of a human vet, Mia. Because of her PTSD, it takes therapy to even get her as far as the front door of the surgery. Mia has some significant problems of her own, but she’s more than willing to take a chance on the gorgeous vampire. The unlikely pair find they have an affinity and when someone from Olivia’s past reappears, they have to join forces, if Olivia is going to survive. 

The story his told in 1st person and  puts us in Olivia’s thoughts, making it easier to feel her fears and worries. We also get to experience Mia’s reactions once the story begins to switch between their POV’s. The writing is perky and there’s also a sarcastic humour to it.  There’s a  playfulness at times, but then the seriousness of the situation hits the reader square in the face. At the halfway mark it suddenly took off for me. There was one heck of a surprise, that I did not see coming at all. I enjoyed the story and would like to read more in this world.

I was given this ARC for review.

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