We’ve all relied on distractions this year. I know I have. Books have been a lifeline and have taken us to other places, far away from the world we’ve had to live in.

I have read so many wonderful books over the past twelve months, so choosing a Top Ten has been extremely difficult. Only three have been pure romance and each of the three were exceptional. Two were mystery and crime stories and among the best I’ve ever read in that genre. The remaining books on my list veered into other genres – science fiction, fantasy and the supernatural. I needed some escapism it seems. 

I recommend each and every one and hope that you will have a look at my reviews and maybe try them for yourselves. Here are my Top Ten, in alphabetical order

Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton

The Lost Temple of Psiere by K Aten

The Thing About Tilly by G Benson

Never Too Late for Heroes by A.L. Brooks

Spirited by Julie Cohen

Alsea Rising: The Seventh Star by Fletcher Delancey

Without A Trace by Mari Hannah 

Christmas in Mistletoe by Clare Lydon

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Whispering Wildwood by Emma Sterner-Radley


3 thoughts on “Kitty’s Top Ten Books of 2020

  1. I like your list. Oddly, I’ve only read one of the books on it, ‘Finding Jessica Lambert,’ which I agree was exceptional. In the WLW romance category I also loved, ‘The Scent of Rome’ by Lisa Gold, which did not make this list. I’ve got the Mari Hannah mystery and Clare Lydon’s Christmas book loaded up in my Kindle software on my tablet but I’ve not gotten to either yet. The Richard Osman book is intriguing to me as well.

    I followed your reviews of the Chronicles of Alsea series with interest. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are not strong interests of mine but your love for the books in the series was palpable. I’m surprised you were able to settle on one of them for your top ten!

    Given all of that, I have to ask, how many books have you read this year, including the ones that didn’t get reviewed here?


    1. The Richard Osman book is really good and a second one is due out September 2021. The first has been optioned by Spielberg for a movie.

      The Fletcher DeLancey Alsea series is amazing. And you are right about my difficulty choosing one for my list. I could easily have chosen two from those released this year, but decided to limit it to one book per author. It’s hard enough limiting my list to ten.

      I have read seventy books this year, which is low for me. But Covid and losing my Mum meant I found it harder to getting into my usual reading routine.


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